Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Story About Pearl Engagement Rings And How To Get Them at Bargain Rates

Do you know what kind of process does it take to make pearl engagement rings possible? It's kind of submarine version of the ugly duckling story which most people are aware of. I'm going to tell you briefly what happens before you can get that beautiful pearl mounted to the ring for your loved ones finger.

It begins at the bottom of the sea where black-lipped pearl oyster is minding its own business, basically eating seaweed all day, maybe algae every now and then. It's not bothering anybody, just chews up couple of tons plankton daily and is generally quite happy. Everything is going extremely well for it. Then one day, while taking a huge bite of weed, a grain of sand comes along with it. Oyster doesn't like that at all.

It feels threatened and takes defensive measures against the intruder, and starts to cover the irritator with layers of mineral aragonite. It takes this small misfortune and turns it into one of the most beautiful items found from this planet. There's a lesson to be learned here for us all.

There are two different types of pearls, wild and cultured. Wild ones, the best one in my opinion, are original Mother Earth produced without human involvement. The other type, cultured pearls, is made by implanting a small piece of tissue from a mantle to another. Both freshwater and seawater shells are used for this purpose.

Then on way or another, the pearls find their way to the jewelers shop, and are used to make all kinds of stunning jewelry from necklaces to pearl engagement rings. Everyone has a diamond; why not go with the pearl. Prices vary greatly, so be very selective in buying process. Online jewelry store might be a good option. I myself prefer Amazon, because there's usually good bargains, and they 100% trusted company.